Juzumaru (数珠丸, Rosary Circle) is a Katana of the Tenka Goken. It was wielded by the Artisan Suzuna.

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Hihiirogane Coating: The surface of Juzumaru is coated with a layer of Hihiirogane which is constantly in movement, creating a "perfect defense".[1]

Juzumaru Ability

Juzumaru blowing back Togusa and Makoto

Impact Absorption and Discharge: Juzumaru has the ability to absorb the impact from projectiles hitting him and then release the accumulated force as a devastating shock wave. It does so by circulating the ballistic force, transferring it from the impact area to its arm, amplifying it and instantly returning it.[2]

  • Self-Generation: In the event the opponent's attacks lack sufficient power, Juzumaru has the ability to create and amplify vibrations itself through several devices on its back.[3]

Trivia Edit

The real Nihontô was forged by Tsunetsugu, from Bitchu Ko-Aoe (Ancient Aoe school from province Bitchu-no-kuni). It's reputation is in great part due to being the sword of Nichiren, one of the most famous and beloved Japanese Buddhist monk. It's name come from the fact Nichiren wrapped it's hilt with a Juzu (Buddhist rosary) while traveling, using the sword for magical and spiritual protection rather than to fight and kill, despite the fact the holy man prayed for Japanese victory against the Mongol armies, while staying near the front line in Kyushu.

Nagasa : 2 shaku 7.6 sun Moto-haba : 1.2 sun Saki-haba : 6 bu Sori : 1 sun Nakago : 7.9 sun

Sugata of Juzumaru : Thick support to the broad Ko-Kissaki, and a graceful balance despite it's great length. Continuous and marked Funbari appears subtle throughout the deep curve (sori). Strong Midare-Utsuri wafts through Ko-Itame. Ji-Nie. A long undulation of line varies the Sugu-like Ko-Choji Midare, which pushes and leans with deep-falling Nioi-Ashi. Pattern becomes almost Kuzure in places. Mura Ko-Nie. Hoso-Sugu Boshi now falling on the Ha. Ko-Maru-Kaeri. Long Ubu-Nakago with a Mei in 2 character : 恒次 Tsunetsugu

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