Iwatōshi (岩融, Boulder Melter) is a katana. He was operated by a figure named Tomomitsu. It was named after the famous sword owned by legendary warrior monk Musashi-bô Benkei, retainer of Minamoto Kurô Yoshitsune.

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Enhanced Speed: Togusa stated Iwatōshi was "pretty quick for his size".

Daggers: Iwatōshi makes use of 99 small blades hidden within his body to attack. They are attached to wires, which he can control to attack his opponent.[1]

Armament: Only Iwatōshi's final armament was shown before his death.

  • Final Armament: Iwatōshi wraps his arms around his other and closes his hands with outstretched palm. He then spins his whole body at high speeds and charges at his opponent, appearing as a whirlwind. The full power of this ability is unknown, as it was stopped by Tsurumaru.[1]

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