Prototype -2

Prototype #2

Itsu no Ohabari, also known as Prototype #2 was an automaton in development who went rogue and destroyed the facility he was being created in. Ever since then, further research on automatons has been forbidden. He is known as The Manmade Calamity.[1] The subjugation of Itsu no Ohabari was the original purpose of the AKCD.[2]

Appearance Edit

Prototype #2 appears as a very large, bulky humanoid figure. Its body is completely black, except for its eyes and teeth which are a shining white. Steam seems to flow out of its mouth.[3]

History Edit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Although its exact powers are unknown, it seems Prototype #2 harbored immense power, enough to completely devastate the facility where the research was conducted.

References Edit

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